Thursday, July 2, 2009

0 Maricar wows voyeurs

VIDEO CAMERAS were the only things hidden in the Hayden Kho Jr. sex video scandal but the identities of the involved were never concealed—thanks to the media. We know that the one with Katrina Halili is the most talked about, the one with a Brazilian model is the most boring and the one with Maricar Reyes is the most fun—for no better term—to watch. Unfortunately, the only consolation these ladies are getting from the controversy is the notion that they were all good in bed.

Last JUNE 21, Star Magic commemorated its 17th anniversary on ASAP 09. The annual parade of stars happened again but with a twist this year—Maricar Reyes was surprisingly there, confidently taking the ramp (as if nothing scandalous happened), strutted on stage wearing a violet designer gown while wowing the video scandal voyeurs. She’s finally out of her shell! I myself was really shocked, astonished when I saw her. “Nice move,” I told myself—I wasn’t pertaining to the way she took the catwalk but to her plans of shutting her mouth up, taking things slowly but carefully in the midst of the controversy, not worsening the turmoil (the Katrina Halili way) brought by the scandal and waiting for the right time to gain back the public’s respect (and get sincere sympathy). Nice move, wasn’t it?

Something Katrina Halili should get envious of. LESS TALK, LESS MISTAKES.

Seeing the ‘Starstruck’ avenger on a GMA-7 newscast almost every day—with all of those “Kaya mo ‘yan…” and “Sinusuportahan ka namin…” reports—has not been quite effective for Katrina to clarify and shine the things she messed up.

Star Magic rescues Maricar

The comeback didn’t just stop with a ramp. Maricar Reyes is starting to win the couch potatoes’ acceptance and is now ready to face stardom (and gain back morality) by guesting on the top-rating May Bukas Pa and by starring on the latest ‘Your Song’ installment titled Gaano Kita Kamahal.

I was wrong when I thought that it would be the end of the world for the ones involved in the sex video scandal. Maricar’s return proves that crying in front of the press is not the best thing to do especially in times when your morality is in question and when your social life is at stake. It simply took her a little bit of discretion to iron things out.


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