Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2 My Thesis Acknowledgment


For months, I was suffering from insomnia. How I wish Edward Cullen was with me during those sleepless nights when I always ended up doodling instead of doing the real thing. The only consolation I got was that I had no nightmares because I COULD NOT SLEEP. And being awake when you are supposed to be dreaming is worse than a nightmare.

I have been losing my appetite. My heart has been throbbing a familiar rhythmic beat and my pimples seemed immortal. But I was not in love. I was simply held captive by accomplishing this research study and I knew it was inevitable.

So here I am now, ready to extend my sincerest gratitude to all the people who have helped me to be awakened from that nightmare. These are the people who were there when I was able to say “It’s all done.”

Many thanks to Dr. Agnes J. Nepomuceno, our research professor, for the guidance that she has given us.

To Prof. Ramil Chavenia, our thesis adviser, for his necessary expertise and for fighting with us.

To the panel of examiners headed by Prof. Evelyn Bautista, with Prof. Liliosa Malasa and Prof. Judith Ordiz, for being approachable and for helping us in facilitating our study.

To Aleem, my thesis partner, for her patience, for the motivation (sarcasm aside) and for the unforgettable experience. Aleem, thanks for helping me realize that I am not the laziest person in this world.

To Prof. Anacito Dematera for always showing me the real world. To Prof. Gladys Serafica who was there at the beginning. And to Prof. Ephraim Aguilar who was supportive until the end.

To Mary Grace Vargas, Laribel Amaranto and Carmie Barsaga for the friendship that no one can ruin. I miss you so much!

To the “Wonder Girls”—Socelle Fuentes, Sherry May Aguilar, Laarni Grageda, Kristeen Lim and Christine Joy Alaurin—for loving me.

To Johana Vi Gasga for her constructive criticism and to Joana Marie Sodsod for her humility and for the free supply of Unilever products. Mga Ate, I wish you all the best.

To Jose Edma Jr. for being a freelance thesis partner and for gathering data with me. Dear, thank you for the laughter; you are the best!

To Rey Anthony Ostria for being there unexpectedly. The Rei, thank you for the trivia, for the inspiration, for the company and for making me realize that I am important. Good luck freshman!

To Jonalyn Fortuno for killing the stress and for making me happy but not in a sexual way. Jonalnal Paterter, I hate it that I am in love with your presence. Don’t change.

To Theza Rose Ramos and Julius Embile for the Mafia Wars moments. Energy pack please!

To Napoleon Abustan for his wisdom. Kuya Nap, thank you for the advice.

To Rose Ann Samorin for letting me “cheat.” Girl, you know what I mean.

To the rest of AB Journalism IV-A class for being my brothers and sisters. Gino, now I know that falling in love with you would be incest! I love you guys!

To Tito Alex for always giving me what I need. Tito, I thank you for your consistent generosity. God bless you always.

To my Mama and Didi for being my greatest inspiration and my source of strength. Thank you for being my shock absorbers and for the genuine support. This is all for you.

To my niece, Karen Grace, for inspiring me to give my best in everything I do. Nessie, Tito Ralph loves you!

To Kuya and Ate Glyzel for “creating” Nessie.

To the people of JohnLhex Internet Café for the accommodating discounts. Kuya, Ate, I will sure miss you. Salamat po.

To those who are not mentioned, thank you so much. You are very much appreciated. See you all on Twitter and Facebook.

And above all, to The Creator and His Son for always reminding me that being hopeless is never an option. Thank You for helping me get to the finish line and thank You for those people who have contributed a lot to my success and to the happiness that I am experiencing right now. I love you.



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Jay Edma said...

Thank YOU, Ralf.hehehee.

Cindy Phillips said...

I think thesis acknowledgement is very important part of any academic paper. Just like how important thesis abstract is, the acknowledgement chapter let people know that with the help of people around us, we can do anything we wanted to do.

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