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Before graduating from high school, I had this impression that entering college would be the hardest part of my life as a student. I had to pass the college entrance test; I had to face new faces, new places, new expectations and new nerve-wracking experiences. Entering college was like a disease I need to steer clear of. But too bad I was not Alice Cullen; I had not foreseen and did not prepare for the EXIT.

Graduating from college is indeed the hardest chapter. "The hardest" because you would not let them see how sad you are since you have already learned how to control your emotions. "The hardest" because there's something in you saying that you're not yet ready to brave the challenges of the real world, yet you have no choice. "The hardest" because you have to expect the unexpected and be very apprehensive about them. "The hardest" because you have to have an answer to the question "What job is waiting for me?"—or worse, "Is there a job waiting for me?" "The hardest" because "The Four-Year Making of the Better Me" is about to end. "The hardest" because you're better now and it's time to deal with the best. And "the hardest" because the time has come to say goodbye—not only to the things that you used to do and enjoy but also to the people who were there when you were learning how to become a better you.

Talking about 'learning,' let me share with you the scenes behind "The Making of the Better Me." These are the things college life has taught me.

1. CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS. Miss Friendship is always in danger. Beware of 'users.' Beware of crab mentality.

2. DO NOT PRETEND because it does not matter who you are. In Journalism, you do not plagiarize; you do not mimic the writing style of your fellow writers. In college, you should always be honest. There is nothing wrong about being unorthodox. Have your own convictions; you are not a photocopier anyway.

3. KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS because if you don't, the worst thing that could happen to you is getting involved in an amateur sex video scandal. After all, Premarital Sex Education is not yet offered in college. Ehem.

4. BE PUNCTUAL because "better late than never" does not work most of the time.

5. KEEP IN MIND THAT YOU'RE NOT THE BEST. But of course, you can be the best—or at least be one of the best. Always be humble. Be with those people who are smarter than you and learn from them.

6. DO NOT MEMORIZE. There's a thin line between 'memorizing' and 'learning.' You should know that.

7. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Plan A is good; Plan B is necessary; Plan C is intelligent.

8. ENJOY. Being grade-conscious is sometimes unhealthy. Learning, my friend, should be fun.
9. THE FOLLOWERS ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN THE LEADER. But it's cool to be a leader. Be. active. Participate. Show them what you've got because all your efforts will pay off in the end.

10. And finally, HAVE AN INSPIRATION. It's the best way to fight writer's block. Don't be afraid of falling in love responsibly.
What Made Our Graduation Week

April 7, Wednesday—The Baccalaureate Services

April 8, Thursday—The Big Day: The 40th Bicol University Commencement Exercises
*The Best Part: Being called "Cum Laude" (modesty aside).

April 9-12,—Post Graduation Celebration

Day 1 (Friday): At Gracie's, Baclayon, Bacacay, Albay
*The Best Part: Meeting James
*With me: Mary Grace Vargas, Laribel Amaranto, Carmie Barsaga, Justine Cargullo, Johana Vi Gasga, Rose Ann Samorin

(L-R) Johana Vi Gasga, Justine Cargullo, Rose Ann Samorin

To my right: Laribel Amaranto, Carmie Barsaga, Rose Ann Samorin, Johana Vi Gasga

Day 2 (Saturday): Cagraray Island Hopping
*The Best Part: Waiting for the boat to capsize
*With me: Mary Grace Vargas, Laribel Amaranto, Carmie Barsaga, Laarni Grageda, Socelle Fuentes, Johana Vi Gasga, Rose Ann Samorin, Kristeen Lim

On our way to Bgy. Napao
(Front row, L-R) Laribel Amaranto, Mary Grace Vargas, Carmie Barsaga, Laarni Grageda, Socelle Fuentes; (Back row, L-R) Johana Vi Gasga, me, Rose Ann Samorin, Kristeen Lim
(Front row, L-R) Laarni Grageda, Carmie Barsaga, Laribel Amaranto, Socelle Fuentes; (Back row, L-R) Idong (Gracie's cousin), Rose Ann Samorin, Johana Vi Gasga, me, Mary Grace Vargas, me William Fetalcorin (Gracie's boylet), Kristeen Lim

Bye-bye Cagraray
*Next destination: Justine Cargullo's graduation celebration
Tabaco City invasion
*The Best Part: A very BIG scandal was revealed—thanks to Gino!
*With me: Justine Cargullo, Gino Leocadio Saldajeno Paje, Johana Vi Gasga, Rose Ann Samorin, Laarni Grageda, Socelle Fuentes, Kristeen Lim, Rey Anthony Ostria
With Rose Ann
With us was Uzelle Cargullo (to my right), Justine's younger sister. She rocks!

Day 3 (Sunday): The End
*The Best Part: "McBlurry" moments with Johana Vi and Rey
*With me: Johana Vi Gasga, Rose Ann Samorin, Rey Anthony Ostria, Uzelle Cargullo, Gino Leocadio Paje, Justine Cargullo

McBlurry noun - Blurry photos taken while "food trippin'" at the McDonalds.

To my right: Rey Anthony Ostria, Johana Vi Gasga


Blurry again.

Blinded! Hahaha.

And that has been our graduation week (with a blurry ending). Kidding aside, all of the above simply prove that changes and the concluding parts are inevitable. And it's sad to know that most of the time, you have no choice but to say "goodbye" and move forward. The best of luck, Class 2010!

[PHOTO COURTESY] Mr. Dennis Mirabueno, Johana Vi Gasga, Justine Cargulo, Theza Rose Ramos

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