Thursday, April 22, 2010

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@DAVIDARCHIE: @Kacey020 vs @twistandtweets

Last April 19, 2010, twistandtweets--the official Twitter account of TWIST--posted "Charice's friend or simply gay? Check out his tweets (@DAVIDARCHIE). http://bit.ly/c5dIMG." The post was about the rumor that David Archuleta could be gay after being spotted at a popular gay club in New York City.

To my surprise, a fan of Archuleta has sent his--let me call them "violent"--comments to twistandtweets (as seen in the photo). Sigh. Hope he knew something about headline writing; hope he had noticed the question mark on my post--"Charice's friend or simply gay?" Twistandtweets however is open to any comment--be it violent or . . . violent--because TWIST gives respect to democracy. To Kacey020, please follow twistandtweets back.

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