Friday, December 31, 2010

0 TWIST 2010 Recap

It has been a wonderful year for me. Now the perfect time has come for me to extend my deepest gratitude to those who have been a very important part of my 2010. Thanks for reading "The Way I See Things in 2010."

TWIST 2010 Explode In Review
It was definitely a blast!

The Bong Revilla Scandal (For Real?)
I have no idea why I posted this. I should have not cared that much. Hahaha.

Not A Child's Play
I say no to RH Education for the Youth.

Ang Sarap Maging Pinoy!
Filipino pride of 2010.

Rubber Banned
The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) called for a ban on condom advertisements in media and public places with the belief that condoms only put the morality of the youth at risk.

Comelec disqualifies Acosta
"The Commission on Elections officially disqualified KBL standard-bearer Vetellano Acosta from presidential race.

Ang tula ng aking puso.

And the Oscars Go to...
The Hurt Locker dominates the 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

The Aquino Angle
Kris is not Noynoy. As simple as that.

Ralph Meets Ralph
An encounter with Ralph Recto.

Case Unclosed
While the media is covering our everyday life every day, trying to shape public opinion and solve our daily dilemmas,
it is funny and ironic to think that the media does not cover itself and does not really provide solutions to its own problems. Whatever happened to practicing what you are preaching?

Tinimbang sila ngunit parang may kulang.

Tambay Mode This Morning
Doing never-productive things at the Journalism Office. Waiting for the dean to sign my clearance. Taking photos.

'Vanilla Twilight' MV launched
"The spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly." Perfect!

My Thesis Acknowledgment
Finally! The sleepless nights are over.

Baby James' Tongue
Little James Yap's secret support.

Penitensya 2010: Iba Ini!
A bloodless penance.

A bittersweet goodbye.

Tandang Pananong
"Nagtatanong lang."

Fan Enough
An Archuleta fanatic hates TWIST's tweets.

Ang Totoong May Diperensya
...Ay si Marian Rivera. I love the rhyme!

Ralphabet and Everything
My A to Z.

Paraan ng Pagboto Para sa Totoong Pagbabago
Anti-Noynoy hated me for this.

Halalan 2010
My first time to vote for the national elections.

Tandang Pananong 2: Bakit na Naman
Nagtatanong ulit.

GMA News, sinungaling!
"Serbisyong Totoo" is a myth!

28 Things You Need to Know After College
Job hunters cum fresh graduates, brace yourselves!

EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Kiko on te Sharon-Gabby Reunion
Tweeting with Sen.Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan.

Kris cancels Twitter, Facebook accounts for Noynoy
The Queen of All Media also knows how to shut up . . . At least online.

DiCaprio to visit the Philippines in August
Postponed. (--_--)

Total Eclipse
Bite me, Edward! Bite me!

The Lauch of TWIST TV.

2010 FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World
Definitely not for gays and insecure women out there!

My Eclipse Movie Experience

'Eclipse' movie review.

Words for Things You Didn't Know Have Names
The title says it all.

Kris Aquino reactivates Twitter, Facebook account
She's so back online!

...Because I need to get a job.

BREAKING NEWS: Michael Jackson, alive?
Tanugin n'yo si Ogie.

Black Day for Media
The media is in the blame game regarding the hostage incident in Quirino Grandstand last August 23.

Iya Villania is love!
Iya mentions me on Twitter.

Noynoy Flunks His First Test
Maria Ressa is not satisfied with the president's take on the Quirino Granstand hostage incident.

Cosmopolitan Philippines Bachelor Bash 2010
Definitely for gays! Hahaha.

Fabio Ide is love!
After the Cosmo Bash, it's time to congratulate Fabio baby.

Ang Lalake sa NBI
...At ang kanyang pathetic stalker! Hahaha.

New Twitter
The new way to tweet.

Lady Gaga ralies for DADT repeal in Maine
She knows not just wearing weird.

Top Ten CNN Heroes of 2010

VJ Cliff Cole is LOVE!
I was actually looking for Tom.

My First Day on My First Job
"Wake me up when September ends."

I lurve Enrique Iglesias!
He is back!

'Porn Day'
10.10.10 = XXX!

Maria Ressa's letter to ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs
My idol resigns.

My 21st birthday celebration.

Paranormal Network
'Paranormal Activity 2' and 'The Social Network' movie reviews.

Ordinary Pokey
Tweeting with the one and only Pokwang!

The New Facebook Profile
Twitter has changed. It's FB's turn.

Sounds Good
My new love, Paul.

The Vizconde Massacre Timeline
After 15 years, Hubert Webb, et al are freethanks to the DOJ.

This has been T10X: TWIST 2010 Explode.


New Year. New TWIST.
TWIST Top Trends 2011 (T3MMXI). Soon.

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