Sunday, February 13, 2011

0 When Losing Weight Becomes Complicated


Sharon Cuneta was on The Buzz hours ago, insisting that the photos that came out in her Marie France billboard were genuine. Hayden Kho Jr, on the other hand, guested on TV5's Paparazzi to air his side.

Kho Jr has recently denied that his controversial tweet—about a supposed misleading billboard along EDSA—was alluding to Cuneta's billboard. "Wow! i wasn't referring to the MF [Marie France] billboard. I was referring to a 'L**D' that's supposed to be a LOURDES. Dahan dahan naman po," Hayden Jr tweeted February 9.

I personally do not believe that the “sexier” Cuneta photo was not photoshoped. Hindi ako bulag! And Cuneta should not always expect or demand respect from the public; she should also learn how to respect the thoughts of other people. The billboard is indeed deceitful.

It is nice to know that a person like Kho Jr—who has long lost his credibility and intergrity—still has the nerve to brave tweeting about what he thinks is fraudulent. But whatever—or whoever—he was referring to in his “consumer-friendly” tweets, his vested interests remain conspicuous. Remember: Marie France and Belo Medical Groups—owned by his girlfriend, Vicky Belo—are rivals, and so are his and Joel Cruz’ perfume lines.

This whole “Sharon vs Hayden” spectacle should remind us, consumers, to be very watchful of ads that are as cunning as the ever hypocrite and self-righteous Cristy Fermin.

Mabuhay ang mga mataba!

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