Sunday, May 1, 2011

0 Two Years of @Ralphabet

Two years of being coupled up with the world's number one microblogging site
I was playing pretend-to-be-very-occupied game during my 2009 internship when my favorite Jose Edma Jr. told me about Twitter. The social climbing I immediately signed up, fascinated with the site's layout. Next thing I knew, my fingers would always itch to come in contact with the keyboard just to release my inhibitions—and my nonsensical thoughts, as well—through “tweets” containing 140 characters or less.

Twitter is like a killer crush who comes along and makes me forget everything but him. It's always on my mind wherever I go. It's one of the things which I would love to be stuck on an island with.

Nobody Really Cares

It has been two years of sharing positive emotions, aiming to somehow transform the lives of my followers. Two years of more negative emotions, seeking consolation—and not to mention, attention—everytime I'm feeling down.

But admittedly tweeting about my everyday goings on has become very silly. Why tweet about what I had for breakfast when I know from the start that no one would really dare to care?

Now I wouldn't be surprised if you guys are apathetic about this very narcissist celebration!

Cheers to another year, beloved followers!

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