Wednesday, June 8, 2011

0 Mavs take 86-83 win over Heat, even series 2-2

I couldn't imagine them losing this!

He was suffering from a torn tendon in his left middle finger during the Game Two but despite that, he still managed to hold off the Miami Heat from pulling a 2-0 success, resulting in an epic 1-1 tie.

In the pivotal Game Four, he was battling flu, but still managed to throw his final lay-up, taking the Mavs to a three-point lead with just 14.9 seconds to play.

Now tell me, does my Dirk Nowitzki need to get another injury or disease just to win the fifth game? Or do the Mavs need another losing-control-of-the-ball moment by Dwayne Wade? What about another passive LeBron game?

See you, Game Five! XOXO.

Click here for Game 3; here for Game 2; here for Game 1.

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