Wednesday, July 6, 2011

0 @ItsmeKrisAquino In Person: A Dream Come True

July 6, 2011, Wednesday.
I've always been very vocal about hating Wednesday, my "unlucky day." It was Wednesday when my best friend and I had a gap due to an insensitive Facebook comment I posted. And just this afternoon, I wasted 20 bucks due to a coffee vending machine mess (which I don't wanna go into details about because I don't want you to picture me the wrong way).
But just hours ago, I didn't expect that a VERY BIG REVERSAL would take place, making Wednesday the new Tuesday (TMI: Tuesday is my lucky day.)! Finally NAKITA KO NA RIN IN PERSON SI MISS KRIS AQUINO! And for the first time, I knew that my Earth stopped! And when it spun back slowly, everything felt so surreal! You may call it "exaggeration" but for me it was the adjective "starstruck" taken to a whole new level! It was epic! It was the time of my life! It was a very beautiful dream coming true amidst my confused day! It was love!

In my almost 22 years of existence, it is funny to note that I have been loving Kris Aquino for more than half of my life now. In fact I can still vividly remember how Dina Bonnevie would catch my ire everytime she spit her innuendos against Kris over her (Dina's) GMA talk show titled, D! Day, which was rival to Today With Kris Aquino.
I did not get the chance to have a photo with her, but still, no photo op can best that moment when I have proven how much celebrity power Kris acquires.
Speaking of photo op, THIS JUST IN! My second Rich Herrera experience!

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