Tuesday, August 16, 2011

0 @SparksNicholas tweets in Filipino, set to visit PHL

"Aside from a bit of Tagalog, my Asian language skills are non-existent. And I'm poor at Arabic (not even good) ... but I like the language. -->
Aking tiyahin ay mula sa Maynila.Siya itinuro sa akin. -->
I tried to say that my aunt is from Manila ... she used to talk to me and taught me to say some stuff. -->
My aunt ... she didn't set out to teach me. I just listened to her talk to her mom and her sisters ... -->
I know I get lots of stuff wrong ... and please, if I see you in Manila, talk slow so I can understand you ... I'm no expert ... -->
I don't know where my events are, but I'll be in the Philippines on Oct. 27-28th ... and yes, I'll be signing ... -->"

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