Saturday, November 19, 2011

0 The Big Three, The Bigger Two, The Number One

THE BIG THREE. GMA chair Felipe Gozon, ABS-CBN chair Eugenio Lopez III, and TV5 chair Manuel Pangilinan stand side by side for the first time in one stage at the 22nd Ad Congress in Camarines Sur. From Inquirer.net
Philippine television's "Big Three" had refreshingly shared one stage Friday, November 18, at the 22nd Philippine Advertising Congress in Camarines Sur. Gozon, Lopez and Pangilinan "for the first time stood side by side in one stage to share their thoughts on the future of television and media," Inquirer.net reports.

As a TV fan, I find this historical unprecedented gathering almost surreal but fascinating. I'm just hoping this would pave way for a healthy competition in an industry where crab mentality haunts its players.

The three had also taken the hot seat to answer questions from personalities from the rival networks. My favorite part!
Korina Sanchez: “Who is Number One today?”
Gozon: “As far as we are concerned, definitely, it’s GMA-7.”
Korina Sanchez : “I’m very surprised to hear that from you. By the way, Number One where?”

Mike Enriquez: “How long do you intend to stay Number Three?”
Pangilinan: “Well, that’s today, that’s not the future, right?"

Luchi Cruz-Valdez: “Is Sharon Cuneta really leaving ABS to move to TV5?”
Lopez: “I don’t know. Maybe we should ask the other channel.”

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