Saturday, December 3, 2011

2 Video of the Year: "Marry the Night"

Emotional. Enigmatic. Epic. The long wait is over—and it is indeed worth it! Lady Gaga’s autobiographical Marry the Night video takes all her little monsters back to her early career trauma, which falls under the worst days of her life before being catapulted to fame. In 2006, Lady Gaga had been dropped by Island Def Jam, her first record label, only three months after she inked a deal. The abrupt ending of her relationship with IDJ devastated Gaga.

“Marry the Night”—which is nearly 14 minutes in length—is Lady Gaga’s music video directorial debut. The clip begins with the Mother Monster on a gurney being wheeled into a psychiatric ward, telling a nurse that she’s gonna be a star “because I have nothing to lose.” The ending shows Lady Gaga heading to a meeting at Interscope Records, her present record label.

Watching the longest Gaga video yet is like finishing a cup of Slurpee: It will leave you asking for more without consciously knowing that you’ve already had enough. And I think it’s a good thing. Enjoy the video!

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Anonymous said...

I like Lady Gaga. Garo sarong officemate ta ang kalagayan niya dati. Success story.:)

Ralph Revelar Sarza said...

Gaga ka, Am**! Hahaha!

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