Friday, January 6, 2012

0 E.R. Ejercito: Kris Aquino is like Nostradamus

E.R. Ejercito made a guesting on ABS-CBN News Channel’s Headstart this Friday morning to share his thoughts on the controversies that have plagued his MMFF film, Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story. Apparently putting the blame on Kris Aquino, the Laguna governor made statements expressing his disappointment for not grabbing the Best Actor trophy.

Here’s the transcript of the “Blame-It-on-Kris” part with Karen Davila:
ER: Kris Aquino said in the news that we had a bad showing… And there was a bad trending like saying, we were pulled out from the cinemas. We have 51 cinemas. Unfortunately we were shown at only 17. Kaya masaklap ang nangyari sa amin.

Karen: Explain that. Why is Kris Aquino… I mean you’ve mentioned her name a few times.
ER: I read it on Twitter.

Karen: You read it on Twitter?
ER: Yah. I read it on news, I watched it on TV.

Karen: She allegedly said what, that you had a bad showing?
ER: Yes.

Karen: Okay. Do you think that was a factor?
ER: I don’t know. If she . . . said it . . . I just read it on papers.

Karen: Okay. But if she had said it, you feel that was a factor?
ER: [Pause.] Yes. Yes.

Karen: So how do you feel about that—
ER, interrupting Karen: ‘Cause people believe her. [Chuckles.]

Karen: Okay. Alright. Oo. How do you feel about that?
ER: Well, she has said a lot of statements that, well, I don’t really feel comfortable with, like saying “Magwala ka, Dingdong Dantes kapag natalo kang Best Actor.” At “Itataya ko ang buong pamilya ko kapag natalo kang Best Actor.” So she has been saying things that . . . [are] not good for me and for Dingdong.

Karen: Okay. Just to play devil’s advocate, isn’t Kris acting like a typical… I mean, actress who worked with Dingdong? I mean it’s like if we were together, I’d say “syempre gusto ko si Governor E.R. ang manalo.” I mean it’s . . . “classic her.”
ER: She’s like Nostradamus.

Karen chuckles.

ER: She predicts good, ha? [Chuckles.]

ER: Ang galing n’yang manghula. She said Dingdong will win, Dingdong won. She said her movie will be Number Two, now she’s Number Two.

Karen: Okay. [Chuckles.] You’re hilarious. “She’s like Nostradamus.” Alright. First, when she had said na “’Yong pamilya ko, sasama ang loob” or something… “Magwala ka Dingdong” . . .
ER: I just read it on the papers and on Twitter and… I don’t know if she really said it. I have to talk to her. Kumare ko naman ‘yon e.

Karen: Do you feel that, that her statement influenced the judges? I think that’s what you’re leading to.
ER: I really don’t know. I respect the distinguished board of jurors, ‘no? That’s they’re decision. I don’t know if there was influence or not. I don’t know. She’s the sister of the president. Who knows? Only God knows the truth.

The two chuckle.

Karen: But you think that . . . she shouldn’t have said it? It was inappropriate? How do you feel?
ER: Yah. She shouldn’t have said it?

Karen: Why not?
ER: It doesn’t look good. It doesn’t sound good . . . for me and for Dingdong.

Karen: But if anybody else had said it, would it have been okay?
ER: Maybe. I don’t know. But she’s Kris Aquino for that. She’s known for that. … I don’t feel bad, ‘no? Dingdong is a very good actor, a fine actor of his generation. He’s a very outstanding leader of the youth. And me, I still have chances. This year, there are still seven award-giving bodies. I can win Best Actor maybe hopefully at the Urian, or maybe Star Awards, Famas, Catholic Mass Media Awards.

Karen: Okay. But Governor, what this is showing essentially—in a way, ‘no? —is you do feel bad losing the Best Actor award. This is what I’m getting.
ER: Well, I ... I … Bitin.

Karen: Bitin?
ER: Oo. Bitin.

Karen: So inaamin mo, kung baga, masama ang loob mo na si Dingdong ang nanalo?
ER: No. He was good [in] Segunda Mano. I still have other chances to win.

Karen: But do you believe you deserved it?
ER: Well, I did a great performance. I am 47 years old. Madami akong nahugutang emosyon bilang artista. But being a new actor, I think Dingdong deserves it.

Karen: Okay. But then, do you feel then that the MMFF [was] pressured because Kris had said that?
ER: Every year, there is always controversy at the MMFF. Sanay na tayo sa gano’n. I’m used to losing and winning. I still have more chances here in the Philippines and broad to win awards. No problem.

No problem? Really? E.R. here reminds me of Juan Manuel Marquez who, on November 13 last year, claimed he was “robbed” when Manny Pacquiao edged him for the WBO Welterweight crown. He may be the most deserving but E.R. is missing a point: Humility.

How I wish Kris Aquino could also predict when this bitter governor will finally move on!

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