Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2 Project: Feeling Close

I'm pretty sure it would sound like I'm the most pathetic, narcissistic, desperate fanatic but please allow me to share my third encounter with the irresistible Ivan Dorschner.

Before bidding farewell to 2011, it popped up in my mind to collect video greetings with Kapamilya stars promoting my struggling Twitter account. I called it Project: #Follow @Ralphabet. Before Mr. Dorschner, I already had Kakai Bautista,Gretchen Fullido and Xian Lim doing me the favor.

The one with Xian Lim was the most nerve-wracking--I actually faked the lakas-loob, kapal-mukha part. But this one with Mr. Dorschner has been so special for a very weird reason: HE INTERVIEWED ME! And it felt like sitting on an electric chair!

When I told him about my purpose (after almost shouting his name the way Toni Gonzaga shouted "I love you, Piolo!" in a soda commercial), the skeptical Ivan asked me several questions that caught me off guard. When things became clearer, he pulled out his mobile from his pocket, searched for @Ralphabet, and hit "Follow." He even made fun of my Twitter page description: "Ive said too much. I haven't said enough." "Ayan, kulang pa ang sinasabi," I thought I heard him say with an adorable laugh while trying to speak straight Tagalog.
The best thing about that encounter was that it made me realize how Mr. Dorschner has always been so consistent in showing courtesy to his fans, an effortless kindness he will never fake.

I've been working with ABS-CBN for almost two years now and when it comes to the Can-You-Tell-These-Fake-And-Real-Celebs-Apart game, I've nearly mastered the tricks! Fortunately Mr. Dorschner is everything but fake. His middle name is Cute and once he flashes that sincere smile, it would definitely make you forget about the backlogs you've left screaming at  your workstation!

Thank you so much, Mr. Dorschner!

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