Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 Alliteration of the Year: Corona Convicted

Corona found guilty, removed from office
The Coronanovela aired its final episode yesterday. And I must say the 20 senator-judges who voted to convict Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona knew how to stage an epic finale. The rendering of the conviction for the removal of Corona from office was nothing but the best way to end the 44-day series that was honestly more interesting than the afternoon drama shows it preempted.

Justice has been finally served.
Meme by TW1ST; original photo from Google Images

UNTOLD: The Corona Matter
Rappler.com (May 28 via Facebook): Does the #CoronaTrial matter to you? Would the decision to acquit or convict affect you?
The question should have been "Why does the trial matter to you?" Living in a country wherein the rich become richer and the poor are being exploited, Filipinos' thirst for justice will never cease to exist. I'm expecting a guilty verdict. The strongest defense would have been the Bank Secrecy Law but the "walkout" was highly overwhelming. Corona ruined his own shield.
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Anonymous said...

coronanovela talaga? lol

Ralph Revelar Sarza said...

Hello! Thank you for the comment. Hehe. Pakiusap lang, please avoid being anonymous. Mas cool kapag magkakakilala tayo! Godspeed. =)

Aquino sucks! said...

Your lazy president must be very happy.

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