Saturday, May 12, 2012

5 In Pictures: (500) Days of No Smoking

Source: (Gino Quillamor) Twitter / (Marlboro) clovecigaretteshop.com
I picked up smoking while in college for one reason: I thought lighting up a fag in publicespecially with friendswould make me look cool (something that most smokers don't usually admit) and, for some reason, intellectual.

Now that I have reached Year Six of being coupled up with the habit, my reasons for continuing have become less social yet more personal. Cigarettes are my best friends, my faithful companion whenever I feel like the world doesn't seem to care. Smoking is also an attempt for me to get rid of stress in the middle of a quarter-life crisis, not minding that it might just provide me the placebo effect. 

The beneficial effects of smoking were none too invisible, and seeing myself quit was immensely improbable... Until that guy on the left tweeted.

THE QUILLAMOR INFLUENCE. I went into smoking cessation last year, determined not to light up again. But when my boss needed a companion, I submitted myself. When I flicked the first stick I finished out into the ashtray, I realized it would have been my 100th day of being smoke-free. Giving up the habit had been very difficult (since nobody seemed to be daunting) until I found an effective incentive in Gino Quillamor's Twitter reply.

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I addressed a mention-me-and-I'll-do-this tweet to @ginoboi, one of Metro Manila's most lovable radio personalities. I was expecting a kind of "@Ralphabet Hahaha!" reply but to my surprise, I got an advice! "Quit, don't just stop." It was a highly unexpected reply that burned my cheeks from blushing. It was a simple yet arresting piece of advice that dramatically overwhelmed the best how-to-quit-smoking guide that Google has to offer.
EXCLAMATION POINT OVERUSE. I told you it was highly unexpected!
QUESTION MARK OVERUSE. Robby, my officemate and my most favorite "yosi" buddy, was kind of surprised. Or should I say skeptical?
NUMBERS DON'T LIE. So starting today, May 12, 2012, until exactly a month before my 24th birthday next year, I'm gonna be giving up the habit wholeheartedly.
THE MOVE. Good luck, fancy Ron! It wasn't actually the first time that I did such a pathetic move to grab the attention of the prominentI once told Mario Maurer that I'd be willing to donate 500 pesos to the Philippine National Red Cross if he'd mention me--heartbroken, I got no response.
WE'LL SEE. I'm going to brave being smoke-free for 500 days not just because I got what I want from Gino--I love how it sounds! Hahaha!--but also because sometimes, in a world where the narrow-minded tend to always question your sincerity and your capabilities as a person, you compel yourself to prove to them that you are sincerely capable of  keeping a promise no matter how selfless it appears.
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Anonymous said...

Mauragon ka. Hahaha!:)

Ralph Revelar Sarza said...

Hahaha! Amor, stop being anonymous!

Praning's Korner Taga Legazpi said...

my lungs are smoke free for over 300 days, and it saves me money. gained weight from 47 kilos to 63 kilos, imagine that.

hope you can make it my friend

Ralph Revelar Sarza said...

Thank you. =)

Journalist by Heart said...

awesome writing!!!
stop smoking forever, by the way... :D

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