Saturday, July 7, 2012

0 My Most Fave #GleeProject2 Episode to Date

#ADAPTABILITY. I just love their version of Jessie J's Price Tag! Laudable vocal prowess. Fresh interpretation. Addictive Charlie Lubeck! Need I say more?
More from Adaptability Week:

It was revealed during the callback that three pairs had to perform for Ryan Murphy. Half of them would be in the Bottom Three, and one would be out. Charlie found himself in the bottom, but he fortunately made it through. Mario Bonds got the boot.

Last Chance Recital

Waiting For A Girl Like You - Nellie Veitenheimer & Blake Jenner WATCH HERE
Last Friday Night - Ali Stroker & Abraham Lim WATCH HERE
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Mario Bonds & Charlie Lubeck WATCH HERE

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