Friday, August 24, 2012

0 When Noisy Meets Messy at The Newsroom

After watching the first episode—which I thought was misdirected—I learned how not to expect that the succeeding offerings would work. Surprisingly, they did.
A tolerable drama driven by a driving faux newscast.
There's something frustrating about The Newsroom of HBO. Definitely not the cast though—we're talking about Jeff Daniels and Sam Waterston here. Jaws won't drop, but the heart (which is unfortunately mislaid sometimes), the verbal fights among its compelling characters, and the newsroom of super busy smart alecks (which appears to be a classroom for educating CNN, Fox News, and the like about how news stories from the recent past should have been presented) are just enough to make the series work.

The Newsroom is kind of a provocative whore which couch-potatoes-slash-news-junkies will sure consider raping. A lovely mess.
By the way, this guy is love!

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