Wednesday, September 19, 2012

0 FOOD FRENZY! Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 sizzles

COSMO girls and beckies screamed their hearts out last night during the Cosmopolitan Philippines' annual boyfriend buffet as the hottest studs in town united to set World Trade Center Manila on fire.

The Cosmo food frenzy had been successful once again in gathering the hunkiest male species in the country, but it was extremely disappointing that the main course—Paulo Avelino—was a no-show due to his participation in the One Kapamilya Go event in the United States!

But despite his absence, and despite the fact that the Bash was bashed for not being able to accommodate all ticket holders, the hottest night of the year was quite a success.

The Highlights


Divine Lee
Gwen Garci

Megan Young


Alden Richards

Aly Borromeo

Andrew Wolff

Anton del Rosario

Arron Villaflor

Baron Geisler

Daniel Matsunaga

Enzo Pineda

Eric Tai

Fabio Ide

Ian Batherson

James Blanco

JC Tiuseco

JM de Guzman

John  James Uy

John Spainhour

Jon Hall

Jonathan Romero

Jose Sarasola

Joseph Marco

Luke Landrigan

Markki Stroem

Mikael Daez

Nate Burkey

Rocco Nacino

The Semerad Twins


Pancho Magno


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