Friday, September 7, 2012

0 Online petition seeks Sotto ouster

After digging his own grave over plagiarism allegations, anti-Reproductive Health bill advocate Vicente “Tito” Sotto III is now facing another battle in a world he recently attacked for supposedly bullying him: the Internet.
As of blogging, an online petition created by a certain Matt Quiros from Caloocan City has garnered over 7,700 signatories, and still counting. The petition labeled as 1 Million Signatures in 30 Days to OUST Tito Sotto from thePhilippine Senate has been put up with a belief that the senator “must be unseated from the Philippine Senate” for the following reasons:
1. He is a popular public figure yet he uses his political and showbiz influence to spread misinformation about reproductive health. Ultimately, this is bad for our brothers and sisters who belong to lower-income families with 5 to 15 children and hence cannot afford proper sex education. (sic)
2. He is a serial plagiarist and shows no remorse about it. He steals other people's opinions when he doesn't have his own and shamelessly distorts them to advance his own stupid, selfish cause. He is a very bad example to the youth who might as well be allowed to cheat in their exams and he bends religious teachings to justify his acts. (sic)
3. He is sexist. He blames the death of his unborn child on his wife's unconscious use of contraceptives when he could have prevented the accidental pregnancy by wearing a condom during their intercourse. Must the responsibility of avoiding accidental pregnancy always fall first on the shoulders of our women? (sic)
The petition also aims to tell Sotto that he is not a victim of cyber-bullying. “Let us show this traditional politician that he is not a victim of online bullying but that we are all willingly criticizing him for free.”

Another US blogger accuses Sotto of plagiarism

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