Friday, September 14, 2012

0 Puno’s Pedigree, Miriam’s Humor, and Oscar’s Death

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago grilled resigned Interior undersecretary Rico Puno during a Senate inquiry on the alleged illegal logging and “jueteng” ties, and the purchase of overpriced firearms involving him.

Puno confirmed an email received by the 67-year-old senator that he has at least four relatives in the government: his daughter Romina "Inna" Puno (BI); his cousin Adolfo Escalona (DOTC); his nephew Marco Puno Santiago (Presidential Legislative Liaison Office); and his niece Ma Angela Escalona Ignacio (GCG). But he clarified that they applied for the posts themselves.

Puno's confirmation paved the way for Santiago to quip:
Retired archbishop Oscar Cruz, who implicated Puno in 2010 as among the government officials receiving protection money from “jueteng,” also appeared during the Friday hearing.
And the rest is history.

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