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0 UNTOLD | The Day Mario Maurer Broke My Heart

ON October 30, 2012, Mario Maurer appeared on It’s Showtime with Erich Gonzales to promote Suddenly It’s Magic, his first Filipino movie. When asked by Anne Curtis what he liked most about the Philippines, the Thai heartthrob was quick in saying, “I like the people here. They gave me a very warm welcome.”
ON October 30, 2012, I was at the ABS-CBN Main Building, patiently waiting for Mario Maurer to emerge from the It’s Showtime studio—finally, a chance to meet him in the flesh for the first time!

Before I forayed into the main building with my preconceived notions of him still intact, I was aware of the tight and unwelcoming security team Mario had, so I really did not expect that it would be a perfect event for a photo op, and I convinced myself that seeing him in person, and taking a video of him would be more than enough. When he finally came out of the studio, I immediately felt the coldness of the moment. It was cruel. When I confirmed that it was beyond impossible to have a picture with him, I started to focus on my video taking.

Behind him were Erich and the security, among others. My emotions were inexplicable—maybe I was just overwhelmed by the thought of him finally sharing the same roof with me. Did Mario look perfect? Um… Is a tomato a fruit? But honestly, with over two years of seeing people at ABS-CBN who are regarded as physically attractive, I was looking for something else. . . . If there was one important preconception about Mario I wanted confirmed during that moment, it was his kindness toward his fans. But the subsequent events were very disappointing.

He was on his way to the dressing room when I managed to blurt out two simple—and very audible—words in a way no one in this world could not understand: "Hi, Mario!" He turned his head, and for a millisecond, I thought he would respond. But to my surprise, he didn't! I was nonexistent, and Erich was the only one he could see.

I can't tell now if it was just one of those days when he doesn’t feel like entertaining people, posing in front of the camera, or playing nice to everybody. But whatever it was, it was heartbreaking—a painful first time that deserves a redeeming second encounter.

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