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0 EXCLUSIVE | Vice-Jessica row: Why it mattered

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I spoke with GMA News' Cesar Apolinario on Facebook to know his thoughts on the controversial Vice Ganda-Jessica Soho row which had sent netizens abuzz last week.

Ralph Revelar-Sarza: Good afternoon, Mr. Cesar. What's your take on Vice Ganda's controversial "rape" jokes on Jessica Soho?
Cesar Apolinario: Hi i already posted my comment. Have u seen it? [sic]
Dear Vice Ganda,
Rape is a Heinous sickening crime & A rape joke is rude, a product of a sick mind. ANG JOKE DAPAT NAKAKATUWA, DI NAKAKASAKIT!
RRS: Already have, Sir. Thank you.
CA: But you know what, vice ganda is a brilliant comedian. i actually watch some of his films and for me he is doing great. But on that particular issue, for me it's an epic fail. Maybe he was just so overwhelmed about the reactions he's been receiving. People were cheering, clapping and laughing like there was no tommorrow. It was very clear that the audience, mostly vice's fans loved his antics and they laughed at it. So the tendency was, vice thought what he was doing was right not knowing that it isnt right. like what i said 
Rape is a Heinous sickening crime & A rape joke is rude, a product of a sick mind. What would the relatives of the victim think while hearing such bad joke and the victims for that matter. It would be painful for them. but i do hope he realizes his mistakes and i know he would because he is an educated person. Tingin ko rin dapat maging maingat at laging tandaan hindi lang ni vice, kundi ng iba pang komedyante na ANG JOKE DAPAT NAKAKATUWA, DI NAKAKASAKIT NG KAPWA. [sic]
RRS: That's what I was trying to tell a friend, na dahil sa kasikatan at sa uri ng following na meron siya, nagiging agenda-setter na si Vice. Your thoughts po? 
CA: Agenda-setter, i hope not. yes he is popular and he has many following. The danger here is that people idolize him. Cheering and chanting to a wrong act is like agreeing to it. but Still people look up to him and i just hope that people should know how to separate good and evil. There are some comedians who crack joke without them hurting others. There's a big disparity between a cool joke or a witty joke and a bad joke that hurts a person's emotion. I think vice has plenty of cool jokes because i have heard of them even before he became popular because i watch him in comedy bars. I guess maybe he realizes this now. [sic] 
RRS: Sure thing. I believe Vice has learned from this bigtime. Lastly, what are your thoughts on some people's opinion that the comedian's intention was just to crack a joke before a particular crowd? Is Araneta Coliseum not a place for comedy-bar jokes?
CA: We can't please everyone. Each of us has something to say about this issue and i respect that. But the question is do we agree that a rape joke should continue? Do we all have the right to laugh, chant and give it a round of applause? Maybe they have forgotten that there are souls that needed to be healed, i am sure there are relatives and victims of rape out there that until now seek for justice and that everytime they hear the four letter word, these innocent people who experienced trauma would certainly recall that worst event in their lives and that they could not even spell the what rape is because of the trauma and the thought. I have encountered countless stories about kids being raped and women who tried to commit suicide becuase the got raped. Going back to the question about where it happened, big dome, Comedy bars, Inisde a classroom or in the comfort of our home... Still it is wrong because the act itself is wrong and we cannot justify it. I hope that the joker himself and those who laughed at the joke do not have a younger sister because if they do And if this person asks about their take on the issue. I hope they won't laugh and that they wouldn't say. "It is ok to joke about such henious crime." Respect the women's right that's all we need to do. [sic]

Bullying the bully

The best part of Vice Ganda's job is getting paid for being a bully. This is the kind of job that will definitely not please everyone, especially in a country run by very sensitive and self-righteous people who are unconsciously afflicted with inferiority complex. And when the comedian made a joke about Jessica Soho being raped, these people were quick as hell to give a shit. The consensus: you do not joke about rape or domestic violence.

I have seen the video of the controversial routine, and it was very clear that the intention was not to joke or sound callous about rape victims, but to mock obesity. It had been made clear that the concert was a comedy-bar show intended for a bigger audience. This is the reason why I asked Mr. Apolinario whether or not the Big Dome is suited for comedy-bar jokes. But were the "rape" jokes the real issue? As far as I am concerned, no. Of course not (again, it was a comedy bar-inspired concert, people!). The real issue here is once again proving that it usually takes a familiar face to call attention to a particular social ill. And the more important question that was never asked? What if it wasn't Jessica Soho? What if it was just a random woman from the audience? Would it be this big? I don't think so. This whole thing is no different from being apathetic about heinous killings until dozens of journalists lost their lives in the infamous Maguindanao massacre.

Proper contextwhere were you when the hypocrites needed you most?

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